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Your customers want to talk with you. Have you been too busy to give them all the opportunities to engage with you ? 


Helping you with your marketing goals.

What sales and marketing steps have you taken to realize growth, and sustainable revenue growth in your business ? How have you nurtured your prospective clients over the finish line to generate higher revenues?

At Contrast, our team of highly skilled marketing and design professionals engage with you to create customized marketing executions that deliver tangible results.

We are a full service agency, specializing in print and digital communication strategies, with a strong focus on marketing automation (example: websites, social media, and email communication all working together) programmatics/digital ads, and multi-channel trackable campaigns. Our objective is to deliver our clients an ongoing influx of sales leads, through a systematic, highly intelligent, constantly improving approach. 

We offer a highly creative and visually superior solution that delivers sales-oriented results.

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Whether you engage with us on specific immediate needed priorities, or wish to rely fully on an outsourced marketing solutions program, we will customize our service offerings to fit your objectives. Whatever it takes, to create your Contrast and grow your business.

Websites & Sales funnels

In this new digital landscape, does your site speak to your customers in the ways that you require them to easily interact with you?

We will design, build, host and analyze your website, sales funnel and micro-site needs. Our goal is always to generate additional contacts and business leads to grow your business.

Social Media & Content Marketing


Do you have the time or knowledge to ensure that your social media channels are talking to your customers in the best ways to nurture your sales and brand development?

We will assess and monitor your social feeds and generate content and/or ads that will convert your customers and grow awareness of your brand culture.

Logo-Branding & Graphic Design

Does your brand respond to your customers? Do your support materials in print or digital truly talk to whom you are trying to engage with?

Our team of design professionals will create a customized and comprehensive design that will suit your business needs and support your growth target areas.

Targeted Business Leads

Have you taken the steps to allow a constant flow of targeted leads to your sales and customer service teams?

With our dashboard and lead incentive tools, we will learn and listen from you about your core attributes and deliver a comprehensive approach to bring you the leads to grow your sales.


We began this agency to help you grow your business.

We are excited to learn from you, apply our knowledge, then create a customized marketing and design solution for your success.



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Craig Bauer, Principal

Craig @

Craig has been in the high end print industry and marketing world for over 20 years, holding positions in management, leadership, sales and marketing. His specialty falls within digital and print oriented integrated campaigns.


A collective team of Marketing Strategists, Coordinators, Production planners, Web Developers, Graphic Designers, & Sales Professionals.


Derek Perkins, Marketing Director

Derek @

Derek is a senior marketing and advertising professional who brings over 20 years of experience in consumer marketing, digital advertising and brand development to the Contrast team. He holds both Google Adwords and Facebook Blueprint certifications and is a certified advertising copywriter.

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Mike Cowan,
Sales & Business Development

Mike @

Mike has an extensive background in business management at the Sr. VP level. He has almost 30 years in Sales & Marketing within traditional and online media. Mike continues to help many business owners understand their unique attributes and collaborates with them on how to communicate and nurture their sales and strategic goals.

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Janna Deglow,

Project Management & Client Services

Janna @

Janna is a maven of the high end print industry with over 10 years experience in project management and production coordination. Additionally, this talented multitasker boasts 18 years of customer service and specializes in getting things done, on time, every time and has an uncompromising client-centric approach.

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